How It Works

How does the KIVA-READ-A-THON work?

What is so exciting about Kivathon is that we (me and you) will be able to help thousands of people that want to have a better life and need capital to make their plans and their dreams come true.  The best part is that we will be able to help different groups of people every year for many years.  

It’s quite simple and there are only 3 steps to my Kiva-read-a-thon:

Step 1 - Committing your support: All you have to is to fill out the form on the right.

Step 2 - I read: I read 2500 pages in the month of January and keep you updated through weekly emails.

Step 3 - I Collect and lend: I will email you giving you a few options on how to get the money to my Kiva account.

It is that simple!

Kiva works with existing microfinance institutions around the world to provide loans to borrowers who don't have access to the traditional banking system. Kiva provides 100% of your loan funds to these microfinance institutions, which we call Field Partners, who administer Kiva loans in the field.

The process starts with our Field Partners, who approve and disburse a microloan to a borrower in need. They take a picture of the borrower, write down the borrower's story and post a loan request on for Kiva lenders to fund. Kiva's team of volunteer translators and editors make sure that the business description is in English, and then publish the loan request on

Lenders browse the loan requests and make a loan using PayPal, their credit card or, if they've received some repayments, Kiva Credit.

Kiva collects all of the loan funds and provides them to the Field Partners. Field Partners use the Kiva lender funds to backfill the loan they've already disbursed to the borrower. Disbursals can happen up to 30 days before or 30 days after a loan request is posted on

Over time, the borrower repays the loan. Every month the Field Partners let us know who made a repayment (and in what amount), and Kiva provide those repaid funds to the lenders. Kiva give  their Field Partners the option to cover borrower defaults and currency losses. Repayment updates are emailed to the Kiva lenders.

When lenders get repaid, they can re-lend to another borrower, donate their funds to Kiva's operating expenses, or withdraw their funds to a PayPal account.

This is a chart of the whole process:

Here are some small videos for more information:

What is Kiva:

Changing lives: